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The Great British Sewing Bee & Cousu Main

Coming projects Posted on Mon, July 13, 2015 10:21:04

I have to admit I have been addicted to these sewing contests on tv. Some months ago I followed the Norwegian show, called “Det store symesterskapet”, which I bumped into by chance. Loved it! But then, a week ago I discovered the British version, “The Great British Sewing Bee”, and I fell completely in love! This program was even better executed, and I loved the host Claudia, which made magic out of the concept of chit-chatting with the contestants. (Never thought the Norwegian host did a great job.)

Well, my interest in alternating my wardrobe and make new items has only grown more intense. I have been watching all the episodes on YouTube (full versions of each and every program – wow!), and now I am filled up to my ears with fresh ideas for clothing!

And it didn’t stop with that… I have also detected that a French version of the program has been made – a whole season is completed and now they are about to start a second season. In France to concept is named “Cousu Main”, which means “handmade”. As I am fluent in French I take great interest in following this series as well, and I have experienced stunning creations by contestants that carry with them French tradition of bold creativity and sheer fun!

My, oh, my.
Good thing I have a lot of material left to make both dresses, skirts and other things for the rest of the summer holiday. There are still five weeks left.

Fabulous summer dress with a twist

Coming projects Posted on Thu, April 16, 2015 11:36:10

I was watching a clip from a tv show on my computer today and suddenly I realized that I had found my next project!
A woman on the screen wore a fabulous summer dress which I most definitely fell in love with!

This is it! Love the floral pattern, love the top finish of it!
Actually, I have some fabrics in mind and I will soon be starting on this new project — and hopefully I will carry a brand new summer dress in this design for the party in mid-May.
Wow! Can’t wait!

Patterned tops for myself

Coming projects Posted on Sat, April 11, 2015 10:26:33

The pile of none-uses materials has grown rather substantial during the last weeks. I have come over so many beautiful patterns, and I have enough material for at least 15 long dresses – and a rain coat!

Here are four samples:

From right:
Printed jersey (viscose 90%, stretch 5%, other fibres 5%)
Raincoat material, seagreen with a 3D effect (polyester 100%)
Printed jersey (viscose 90%, stretch 5%, other fibres 5%)
Red printed fabrics (not sure of type)

Knit-wear and crochet-wear

Coming projects Posted on Tue, November 11, 2014 18:31:14

Oh, how I wish I was a pro when it comes to knit-wear and crochet-wear!
There are so many patterns I would LOVE to implement in my DIY-wardrobe.
Like this one for instance… a lovely short skirt created with crocheted elements put together!

Skirt — easy piecy

Coming projects Posted on Sun, November 09, 2014 21:32:56

I have a plan!
When I hit the streets of Paris in a few days I will suck in all the inspiration I can. I will really take a good look around on all the local fashionistas in this metropole of fashion. I know this will be awesome!

A skirt is what I aim for. I know what I want it to look like, and I know what it will feel like to wear (!) — but I still need to find the right fabric. My hunch is that I will get an idea from what the Parisian women are wearing.

Floral print? Yeah, I’m thinking some kind of flowers.

I first saw this skirt in a DIY Magazine (Made by me #1-2014). I completely fell in love with it!
Easy to make, I only have to find the material. Or something similar.
And by the way…. I need to get a pair of black pumps while in Paris.

Paris fashion — here I come!

Coming projects Posted on Sat, October 18, 2014 21:08:50

i feel terrible for not having done anything for the longest time when it comes to being creative with fabrics. Now, this is water under the bridge. In just a few weeks I will be on my way to Paris to shop for fabrics, to get inspiration, to suck in art, culture, Parisian atmosphere… looking forward to it!

First and foremost I will be living the dream in the world’s most heavenly city! Wow! I mean, WOW!
Can it be more awesome?

Yea, I will be visiting Louvre, Musée d’Orsay,,…everything. But one of my main goals is to find the finest boutique of them all when it comes to quality fabrics: Janssen & Janssen. I have tracked them on Google Maps, in order to find the nearest metro station and plan the visit at the shop inbetween the ordinary tourist activities.

A dream summer-dress

Coming projects Posted on Fri, August 01, 2014 19:27:01

Looked in a fashion magazine at the library today, and I found a beautiful dress I am now desperate to copy. Love the print, love the shape. I try not to be bothered by the fact that supermodel Alessandra Ambroso is carrying it on her well-shaped shoulders. This can definitely be the summer-dress of my dreams!

Now, all I have to do is find the right print in my fabrics shop. Think it will be easy, since animal prints and digital prints are hot this year. Lots to choose from. Can’t wait to go shopping!

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