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Knitted mittens

Past projects Posted on Sat, April 11, 2015 10:33:17

These mittens have follows me through the winter.
i have worn them while walking the dog, and they give great warmth on cold days.
made of pure pool!

Patterned tops for myself

Coming projects Posted on Sat, April 11, 2015 10:26:33

The pile of none-uses materials has grown rather substantial during the last weeks. I have come over so many beautiful patterns, and I have enough material for at least 15 long dresses – and a rain coat!

Here are four samples:

From right:
Printed jersey (viscose 90%, stretch 5%, other fibres 5%)
Raincoat material, seagreen with a 3D effect (polyester 100%)
Printed jersey (viscose 90%, stretch 5%, other fibres 5%)
Red printed fabrics (not sure of type)

Blue silk dress

Past projects Posted on Sat, April 11, 2015 10:11:04

For the past week I have had the honour of making the acquaintance with a terrific new sewing machine. My first project on this digital wonder was a blue silk long-dress which I must say complements my features very well.

The colour is a deep blue one, and the pattern is gold. Love it! On each side I have a long split, almost all the way up the side of the legs. When I tried the finished dress on, I decided to match it with a shiny golden stretch-belt. Think it turned out to be very nice!

Now, I have bought quite a few samples of possible dress materials, and I can’t wait to start on my new projects on this machine. Only thing is time. Unfortunately there is so little of it…

Knitted “creatures” made in 1-2-3

Ongoing projects Posted on Thu, January 01, 2015 21:06:49

Christmas means time to watch all my traditional favourites on tv, like “Crocodile Dundee”, the Harry Potter sequel, “Mission Imposible 1-4”, “Die Hard 1-4” and of course all the traditional cartoons from Disney. While doing this I like having small projects going between my hands. When I started with my crochet hook and some yarn in front of the tv, I had no idea of what it would turn into. Well, I must admit I had a vague idea of making miniture penguins, but since I had no black coloured yarn I decided to just wait and see what it turned out to be. This is actually my favourite way of making things!

Les voilà: This is the result of my drifting thoughts during “Coyote Ugly” yesterday.
i think these things are most likely to be called creatures, least of all penguins.

Knitted sweater — in pink

Ongoing projects Posted on Thu, January 01, 2015 18:09:55

I love knitting. Unfortunately, my time schedule does not permit a lot of it. At least the grand projects.
That is why I am incredibly proud of the sweater I made, finished during autumn 2014.
It took me a whole summer of sitting on the couch, as a result of an infection, to create this masterpiece.

A golden portemonnaie

Ongoing projects Posted on Sun, December 28, 2014 11:09:43

I had some golden material I wanted to use, and I found an old metal frame for the making of portemonnaies.
It was time to get started on a new project. Why not make it a portemonnaie this time?

This fabric is smooth and delicious. The golden look is quite classic and trendy. Actually, it makes a nice statement and goes well with my purse.

It only took me an evening and this morning to finish it.
Can’t wait to start using it!

This is how I made the portemonnaie, step by step:

1. I cut three matching piecies of three different types of fabrics.

2. The inner fabric was attached to the second (invisible) fabric to the left and to the right by my sewing machine.

3. I took the third fabric (the golden one) and sewed it as a pocket, to the left and to the right.

4. The fabric one and two was put inside the golden fabric pocket.

5. Then I had a three-fabric-pocket to attach to the metal frame.

6. I attached it manually with a golden thread and small needle.

7. Voilà! The portemonnaie is finnished and ready to use.

Knit-wear and crochet-wear

Coming projects Posted on Tue, November 11, 2014 18:31:14

Oh, how I wish I was a pro when it comes to knit-wear and crochet-wear!
There are so many patterns I would LOVE to implement in my DIY-wardrobe.
Like this one for instance… a lovely short skirt created with crocheted elements put together!

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