I had some golden material I wanted to use, and I found an old metal frame for the making of portemonnaies.
It was time to get started on a new project. Why not make it a portemonnaie this time?

This fabric is smooth and delicious. The golden look is quite classic and trendy. Actually, it makes a nice statement and goes well with my purse.

It only took me an evening and this morning to finish it.
Can’t wait to start using it!

This is how I made the portemonnaie, step by step:

1. I cut three matching piecies of three different types of fabrics.

2. The inner fabric was attached to the second (invisible) fabric to the left and to the right by my sewing machine.

3. I took the third fabric (the golden one) and sewed it as a pocket, to the left and to the right.

4. The fabric one and two was put inside the golden fabric pocket.

5. Then I had a three-fabric-pocket to attach to the metal frame.

6. I attached it manually with a golden thread and small needle.

7. Voilà! The portemonnaie is finnished and ready to use.