I have a plan!
When I hit the streets of Paris in a few days I will suck in all the inspiration I can. I will really take a good look around on all the local fashionistas in this metropole of fashion. I know this will be awesome!

A skirt is what I aim for. I know what I want it to look like, and I know what it will feel like to wear (!) — but I still need to find the right fabric. My hunch is that I will get an idea from what the Parisian women are wearing.

Floral print? Yeah, I’m thinking some kind of flowers.

I first saw this skirt in a DIY Magazine (Made by me #1-2014). I completely fell in love with it!
Easy to make, I only have to find the material. Or something similar.
And by the way…. I need to get a pair of black pumps while in Paris.