Well, perhaps it is a little too much, but actually I am all about summer dresses nowadays. I keep looking for inspiration in magazines, and all the time I get new ideas when it comes to both fabrics, colour combos and details. And of course how to accessorize the clothes. So many beautiful patterns!

Right now I am working on a short summer dress, the type of dress I can wear at work this autumn. It is short, cut just above the knees, and for that matter it is not very suitable for dog-walking (difficult to bend over to pick up after the dog without showing my underwear). The sleeves will be 2/3 so I don’t need to add a cardigan to keep warm.

I found this example yesterday. It describes perfectly the shape I am searching for. However, to cover up in owls like that…no thanks. My plan is to get the hold of a fabric in the same baby-blue colour with a pattern in another blue-tone. Not exactly like the photo shows – I find it somewhat too “granny-like” without the owls, so I guess they serve a purpose. I know I will find something on the netshop Stoff & Stil