After having bought a left-over piece of jackard fabric with a fabolous book print, I couldn’t help myself; I had to turn it into a skirt. Even though jackard is a thick fabric to work with and possibly more of a furniture product, I decided to plan a pencil skirt.

Since I hardly knew anything about skirts and measurements, this was a great risk with such a beautiful and yet limited piece of fabrics. Hoping for the best I took my own measures, decided to go for a knee-lengthed model and cut the pieces I needed based on an idea in my head. Well, that is how I like it, anyway. Hoping for the best and adjusting along the way.

Actually I was incredibly impressed with myself as I finished the sewing work and fitted myself into the skirt for the last button adjustments. Size? I just know that it fits me right now. Being a pencil skirt it is a rather tight model, and there is no way I can get into that garment if I don’t stay on the healthy side of of the chocolate shelves. A motivation like that is according to my personality! Stay fit for a man? Nah! Stay fit for a skirt? Oh, yeah!