I have always been a creative and restless soul, in constant search of new projects. Since I had my first child fourteen years ago I have been doing small-scale DIY at home with the help from my children’s hands. It could be anything, but knitting and drawing, scissor-cutting and glueing were the absolute favourites.

This summer I have been attacked by a severe infection in my legs, which has made me sit still in the sofa for long periods at a time every day. Tired of reading and surfing on my ipad I had to get a grip of the time and do something substantial. My sewing machine was dragged out of its shelf, and I started picturing in my head what could be made out of pieces of fabrics. Since I had some old clothes given to me by relatives I started planning and drawing how I wanted them to be changed into modern design according to my taste. Very soon it became clear to me that I had found my new element! I just loved the aspect of reusing and redesigning clothes!

This blog will not only be about my reviving of old or too big or boring clothes. It will also be about all my other little DIY projects. This can perhaps be of some inspiration to others, and furthermore it will help me see my own DIY journey more clearly. All of this while my legs hopefully are growing better each day of the summer.