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Knitted binding for paperback planner

Past projects Posted on Mon, November 16, 2015 09:20:06

My planner, that I use for work, is a paperback planner that is easily bent in my bag. Therefore, I found out it could use a binding – and why not a knitted one!

Being somewhat lazy at times, I decided to reuse two of my knitted facial cloths and sew them together at the back. Then the planner would even get a small loop at the top smiley

Crocheted and knitted keyholders

Past projects Posted on Mon, November 16, 2015 09:07:03

Another small item to make is a knitted or crocheted something to wear on the key chain to prevent your key(s) from disappearing down there in your shopping bag.

Lately, I have been making quite a few. Here are some of them. The blue one is crocheted in an upward circle, and the other three are knitted using a special technique that makes a snake out of the knit-work.

I have been thinking of crocheting an amigurumi to attach to a key ring as well, but haven’t come that far yet. Besides, I would perhaps have to follow a pattern. God forbid!

Knitted face cloths

Past projects Posted on Mon, November 16, 2015 09:00:34

Small projects are my favourites!
This autumn I have been making face cloths out of cotton yarn – lots of them!
They are so easy to make, and fast too. As a matter of fact, I can make a complete one during one evening of looking at a film on tv.

I am planning to send a bunch of them nicely wrapped as a secret baby shower gift to a business associate.
These cloths are very well suited for babies! Funny colours too!

My fifth knitted sweater (long sleeves)

Past projects Posted on Mon, November 16, 2015 08:47:08

Last week I finished my fifth knitted long-sleeved sweater!
I am really proud as it turned out better than I had anticipated having no pattern to follow.
when I knit, I actually prefer not to follow a pattern, and I tend to go with the flow, so to speak.

This one is made from one green back-piece and a grey front-piece. The arms are knitted separately. Frankly they are a little bit too long, like always for my sweaters, but I think they will be all right.

This sweater will be worn on Wednesday next as I enter the town hall for the second time as elected representative for the green party. Of course it had to be green!

The Great British Sewing Bee & Cousu Main

Coming projects Posted on Mon, July 13, 2015 10:21:04

I have to admit I have been addicted to these sewing contests on tv. Some months ago I followed the Norwegian show, called “Det store symesterskapet”, which I bumped into by chance. Loved it! But then, a week ago I discovered the British version, “The Great British Sewing Bee”, and I fell completely in love! This program was even better executed, and I loved the host Claudia, which made magic out of the concept of chit-chatting with the contestants. (Never thought the Norwegian host did a great job.)

Well, my interest in alternating my wardrobe and make new items has only grown more intense. I have been watching all the episodes on YouTube (full versions of each and every program – wow!), and now I am filled up to my ears with fresh ideas for clothing!

And it didn’t stop with that… I have also detected that a French version of the program has been made – a whole season is completed and now they are about to start a second season. In France to concept is named “Cousu Main”, which means “handmade”. As I am fluent in French I take great interest in following this series as well, and I have experienced stunning creations by contestants that carry with them French tradition of bold creativity and sheer fun!

My, oh, my.
Good thing I have a lot of material left to make both dresses, skirts and other things for the rest of the summer holiday. There are still five weeks left.

Fabulous summer dress with a twist

Coming projects Posted on Thu, April 16, 2015 11:36:10

I was watching a clip from a tv show on my computer today and suddenly I realized that I had found my next project!
A woman on the screen wore a fabulous summer dress which I most definitely fell in love with!

This is it! Love the floral pattern, love the top finish of it!
Actually, I have some fabrics in mind and I will soon be starting on this new project — and hopefully I will carry a brand new summer dress in this design for the party in mid-May.
Wow! Can’t wait!

Angle-sleeved sweater

Ongoing projects Posted on Sun, April 12, 2015 18:41:26

I used one of my favourite sweaters for inspiration and made this prototype of an angle-sleeved summer sweater. Some finishing touches remain, but I am quite content with it so far.

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